True customer service is the essential premise of Ramón Hermosilla Abogados. Our practice was created in order to fill the gap left by the big firms.

Our goal is to become a benchmark in service, involvement, and human quality in our daily dealings
with clients who trust us.

More than
10 years of

All professionals at Ramón Hermosilla Abogados have more than ten years of experience in their area of expertise. Experience gives us the historic insight necessary to design the best strategy in each case.

and loyalty

We have more than 25 years of experience in dealing with advisors on all continents. The demand for comprehensive counsel requires immediacy, effectiveness, and loyalty. At Ramón Hermosilla Abogados, we satisfy the comprehensive needs of our clients and we always speak in the first person.

We understand the
different perspectives
of the profession

We work with large, medium and small organisations. We understand the different perspectives of the profession and have spearheaded major national and international operations in various fields of law.

Ramón Hermosilla Abogados does not strive to contend with firms that offer anything, any time, anywhere. For us, closeness is a reality. Not a slogan.