Urban planning and public sector contracts

We specialise in advising companies and individuals on administrative matters by submitting administrative appeals before the courts and tribunals of the contentious-administrative jurisdiction, pertaining to both disciplinary procedures and asset liability, with specific expertise in the areas of urban planning and public sector contracts.


Our firm’s Urban-Planning area offers advice during the planning phase (general or development), as well as in the management and execution phase.

Our advisory work involves both the participation of multidisciplinary teams of technicians and professionals (architects, engineers, etc.) and direct client advisory in order to facilitate decision-making, through:

  • Conducting legal audits (urban-planning due diligence).
  • Negotiating planning agreements.
  • Participating in negotiations with Public Administrations.
  • Negotiating urban development works contracts (including serving as property developer).
  • Establishing and managing collaborative management committees and urban-planning entities (conservation organisations, Compensation Boards, etc.).
  • Preparing and processing land subdivision or compensation projects.
  • Planning projects.
  • Legal advice on issue of eminent domain.
  • Legal advice on obtaining urban-planning permits and other administrative permits and authorisations that affect the construction and development process.
  • Legal advice on urban-planning disciplinary procedures.

In the area of Public Sector contracts, the firm advises clients (contractors and authorised dealers), Public Administrations, and public-sector entities on a variety of tenders by preparing administrative bidding conditions, advising bidders in the preparation of tenders, contract amendments, and administrative appeals (special appeal in contract matters) and administrative litigation proceedings contesting the resolutions adopted in the bidding and award process.