Startups, Innovation and Entrepreneurship

Our firm has vast experience in advising startup and entrepreneurs, adapting their needs to the various project development phases.

We are committed to innovation, technology and good ideas. We believe in entrepreneurship and therefore we have placed ourselves as one of the law firms referring to the advice to startups and entrepreneurs.

We know first-hand what it is to undertake and all the difficulties that it carries. We do not understand that projects with a high potential can be frustrated by not having access to adequate legal advice. This is not an option for us.

We like startups and we know the entrepreneur, so we want to revolutionize the classic concept with which lawyers were working in this sector, and we are involved with the startups.

The firm’s team of professionals provides numerous clients with active counsel on issues regarding:

  • Company incorporation (the founders must determine under what legal form they will develop the activity and how It will organize the startup internally but taking into account all the legal options).
  • Protecting the interests of partners and investors (through, for instance, the signing of shareholder agreements, collaboration agreements,differentinvestment instruments, etc)
  • Protecting the intellectual and industrial property of each startup’sproject (brand and other intangible assets)
  • Adequacy of the regulations of data protection and the Web page
  • Fundraising in founding rounds (business Angels, venture capital, investment funds).
  • Analysis of the specific regulations affecting the business and industry to which it belongs

Ramon Hermosilla Abogados offers comprehensive advice to entrepreneurs and startups, accompanying them both from the creation of the idea and during the development of the Business.