Real State

The activity of our clients spans the economic spectrum, and their real estate assets serve very different functions in the development of their businesses: in some cases, the use of immoveable property is the client’s primary activity, while in others, immoveable property represents an additional element that serves to develop their industrial or commercial endeavours.

Accordingly, we have had the opportunity to advise individuals, developers, and construction companies, as well as financial institutions, investment funds, REITs, family-offices, and distribution chains in numerous real estate operations and transactions, in their many forms, from the urban-planning development of land to the construction, development, and funding of real estate projects on property designated for various uses: industrial, residential, commercial units, offices, shopping centres, hotels, etc., in addition to conducting legal audits (due diligence) of the properties or the companies holding the real estate assets.

Advisory in property-related matters includes:

  • Negotiating and drafting various types of contracts through which the properties –whether rural or urban land (in different phases of planning development), shopping and recreation centres, hotels, residential buildings, industrial or logistics parks– are:
    1. Acquired or transferred:
      • Asset acquisitions through corporate deals.
      • Acquisition of administrative concessions.
      • Divestment of large property portfolios.
      • Formalisation of equity loans
      • Repos and swaps.
    2. Put into operation:
      • Formalisation of lease agreements (retail units, offices, residential units, hotels, service stations, etc.).
      • Sale & leaseback.
      • Assignments of use, commodates, leaseholds and any other type of contract for the transfer of possession, use or enjoyment of the property, as well as the guarantees associated with these types of transactions.
      • Establishment of surface rights.
      • Agreements for the comprehensive management of real estate projects, building contracts (in various forms, such as “turnkey projects”), as well as delegated development, engineering, project management agreements, among others.
  • Advising the various parties involved in the construction process on issues of direct, cooperative, or communal real estate development, having provided services to financial institutions, cooperative associates, management firms, and cooperative companies themselves.
  • Advising individuals and companies on issues of commonhold property, including the analysis and establishment of real estate complexes through the development of statutory regulations that govern their operation.
  • Advising in the process of contracting urban-planning and construction works.
  • Preparing contracts for the execution of works, provision of property services, real estate consultancy, architecture, project management, etc.

The Real Estate Department at RAMÓN HERMOSILLA ABOGADOS offers clients innovative, flexible, and efficient solutions in all types of property-related operations. We understand and we approach client advisory as a firm commitment and a pledge to accompany our clients in the development of their businesses, analysing their current needs, in addition to their medium- and long-term requirements, in an effort to adjust their specific situation to the international economic climate and the current context of the property sector in which they operate or intend to operate, as well as to industry forecasts and trends.

Clients require security with regard to the terms and legal situation of the property acquired (building, land, or development), and the type of legal transaction through which the property is acquired or operated. As such, we are routinely involved in the design and execution of complex operations that require legal-property registry regularisation and configuration tasks to be undertaken beforehand, i.e.: commonhold divisions, establishment of real estate complexes, divisions, groupings, and declarations of new works, etc.